Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Christian Poveda. Looking down the lion's throat

Christian Poveda the filmmaker who documented Salvadoran gang violence murdered.
The body of journalist Christian Poveda, whose new documentary on Salvadoran street gangs (La vida loca) was scheduled for wide release this month, was discovered Wednesday afternoon. The Committee to Protect Journalists today called on Salvadoran authorities to thoroughly investigate the slaying.
More on IFEX.

The Guardian.: (...) After the last of our many jousts with Jean-Marie Le Pen, he was gleeful. "On l'a baisé bel et bien," he said. ("We really screwed him …") He was pleased when the film was shown at many festivals throughout the world. It became one of ARTE's most successful films, and it was used in journalism schools as an illustration of how to cover racists without permitting them to evade responsibility for their views.(...)

(...) Last week, La Vida Loca was about to be released in France. Christian had called friends, expressing worries that pirated DVDs were freely available. He had heard that many in the gangs, as well as the police force, weren't happy with the film. But he went filming in Tonacatepeque, a barrio 10 miles outside San Salvador. On his return, he was ambushed and, seated in his car, shot several times in the head. A gang member was arrested by the police. "Christian is just one of the 10 who will die today," a Salvadoran photographer wrote in the internet newspaper El Faro. "If you look long enough down the throat of the lion, he will eat you."

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