Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Attaboy! UN Human Rights Council Suspends Honduras

Honduras ambassador Jose Delmer Urbizo got expelled yesterday from the UN Human Rights Council after Latin American countries (Brazil, joined by Argentina, Mexico, speaking for the Group of Latin American and Caribbean States, and Cuba) said he was a representative of the de-facto government after President Manuel Zelaya was deposed, and therefore not qualified to attend.

According to AFP, security personnel had to escort him out while he stood up and told the 47-member Council: "I will be back"

The dispute over Urbizo's credentials held up Monday's opening of the 12th session of the Human Rights Council for about five hours. during wich a fax from the Foreign Ministry of Zelaya's government addressed to UN chief Ban Ki-moon was produced, stating that the deposed president had ordered that Urbizo's accreditation be "cancelled."

Brazil: Maria Nazareth Farani Azevedo: "Brazil would like to have a confirmation that the delegation of Honduras, present in the meeting, represented the constitutional and legal Government of President Zelaya, which was the only Government that Brazil recognised.

Argentina: Lberto J. Dumont: said the Government of Argentina had clearly expressed its rejection of the coup d'état against the constitutional order in Honduras and for that reason it had called on many occasions for the restoration of the elected Government of President Zelaya.

Mexico (On behalf of Group of Latin American And Carribean Countries [GRULAC])
: Juan Jose Ignacio Gomez Camacho: said that Latin America had seen illegal violations of constitutional order in one of its member countries. Latin America had fought to consolidate democracy in the region and was not willing to commit any people to undergo undemocratic changes.

Rodolfo Reyes Rodrigez: Stated that genuinely authentic documents presented by the authentic authorities of Honduras (The Foreign Minister nominated by President Zelaya) dismissed the representative currently in Geneva.

For the UN press release, here.

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