Friday, 28 August 2009

In the lies of the beholder

Driver: "Dubai No1 place in the world with no crime at all, look around... see, no graffiti..."

That was rude enough to rub this turist the wrong way, in fact the Headlines on the background are from that week's local newspapers.

The happy trio, is photographed - hijacked and replicated from the Dubai Mall walls... And that's exactly where graffiti in the UAE hide, indoors. Outdoors, a spraycan is only as good as the construction marks in need.

Which does raise questions about "public space" versus "private-commercial", as well as Art versus Add. Questions, busy Shop-till-you-drop people don't bother answering.

Beneath the construction fever, hidden well, are the people that made the miracle happen... can you name ONE? ONE! One architect? One Interior designer? A Painter? A graffiti artist? An art director of something?... anything?
Graffiti artists -sequently- even less.

Time efficency and low cost, dictate the use of digital prints instead of murals, in cases where graffiti is applied, street art is taken to its extremes. More time than the streets precious little and luxury materials, work wonders to drool on...
Still ther's a logo instead of an artist's signature, and a prepaid idea instead of a spontaneous one... to push things further, you're on private commercial space instead of your public...
Don't let yourself be fooled... it's just another add!

And that's so Sadd }; )

P.S.: These days i keep myself busy thinking about a woodcut. I promise tho this is gonna get stenciled and its gonna get big insted of the digital version I made for the blogpost... some day...

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