Wednesday, 5 August 2009

déjà vu

According to AFP son of Rambow Hondura's Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Romeo Vasquez finally got out of the closet and said that thanks to the coup d'Etat against constitutional president Manuel Zelaya, the Honduran Armed Forces stopped the advance of socialism, disguised of democracy... (AFP 04.08.09)

If im not mistaken, which is not the case, the same phrase had a coda, something like "(...) which is a threat to our Occidental civilisation and christian values(...)". Rang any bell?

While wiki-ing on Vasquez DO click on the School Of Americas, the SOA Watch and the SOA graduate Database links, (more than fifteen million people did- your bet is they're out of reason or out of time and place to hide?) you never know who's playing in a theatre near you. Oh btw, download your own torture manuals too... after all is just an -already- solved constitutional crisis, ain't it?

Cheers ya' all

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