Thursday, 16 July 2009

Lord Alderdice I presume

OK, so what?
As much as the Video might have Killed the Radio Star back in the 70's t'was all about music, the question at hand is a whole lotta different tune.

The web, in its immense omnipotence, can only fantasize about getting rid of the press, as long as the only guarantee of truth a reader can ever get his hands on is concentrated in the two small latin words we grew up with... "Scripta Manet". Online, on the other hand, seemingly lasting are only pictures you uploaded months ago... and still haunt you, wile the rest of the web content can be rewinded, erased and rewritten.

Which leaves me in fault. I definitely should have known better... Jesus Saves, they say, and so should I have done, since, following U.N. condemnation, US criticism and the OAS ultimatum and suspension of Honduras after the coup, lots changed their tune...

but 'nuff' said... let's jump to conclusions.

Don't miss the chance to check the Liberal International Full Members, and you'll get an idea about how immensely hurt Lord Alderdice must have felt by the Chavez - Zelaya flirt... after all is an In-Party Coup... and still John (Alderldice) has not only not taken any measures against Roberto (Micheletti)... but has a very "clear" oppinion on what should follow.

What is important to see, since a Liberal International's Full Member Party has got a country under his military grip, is what measures other democratic both Full Members and Observers, as well as Cooperating Organizations, are willing to take, after all, is all about Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights, isn't it?

Is it possible that Micheletti defied the OAS, UN and the USA in a single day without a back up commercial/economic plan B?
I really look forward to see these countries reflexes.

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