Tuesday, 14 July 2009

RSS (Really Surreal Sindication)

This is how an RSS app looks like, if (in my case) you choose to load it from your "My_yahoo" page. In other sites it might look a bit different in colors or style, but the main idea is this, and i like it... it's... well... webbie. As a matter of fact, i like its simple design so much, that i take pictures of my blogposts in RSS and collect them -yes you'll get your chance to see them... Stalin-ized... (you'll know what i mean when you get to see them)

So, why i post this RSS pic?... instead of mine? cause it's surreal! It's like... uhmm... Papandreou 2.9 or Karamanlis Beta... isn't it?

In case you've never heard of RSS (horror dripping letters), follow the link, it's worth it. To view the really cool graph from where the RSS took the random picture for its display click here

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