Monday, 20 July 2009

From zero to hero

  1. Take a picture of a sign, any sign will do, in our case a triangular one.
  2. The picture taken will have its perspective distorion and it should be corrected, i made a vector triangle in Illustrator an imported it at Photoshop to have a correct triangle shape guide
  3. If you move it on a front layer, a lil transparency could do the trick to guide you over at the shape correction
  4. Once corrected, move the image at Illustrator to make a vector copy of the shape
  5. Once the kids are vectorized
  6. Make the shape you want (in my case mr. Death) an trim it (after making a fat stroke) it'll result to a perfect stencil (keep it for future reference/use)
P.S.1: The only way to test it is on the sign.
P.S.2: Don't be caught }: P

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