Thursday, 30 July 2009

Damn Cool!

So damn cool!

Take it easy, this is a mid 90's schoolkids hand made logo of the first MASKES line-up demo.
I looked on the first MASKES tape but didn't find a clue on who made it.

Good news is that i finally found a way to digitize the "Younger Tapes" (horror dripping letters) so wots gonna happn it's ...out of the box and on da net for them... sooner rather than later... hopefully...

For now feed on this:
Maskes: Anaitia Periplanisi

The first, the only and the last Studio Recorded Single ever made with this lineup and band name ...with which we' travelled the road we did.

Manos Mpaltzakis: Guitar, 2nd voice and NUMBER ONE LYRICS
Cristos Sade: Drums
Giorgio Auletta: Vocals and 2nd guitar
Manos Symeonakis: Bass

I still remember the night Giorgio came at the rehersall studio with the tape at hand, we listened at it in the studio, in the car... and eventually at Manolis house were this digital copy was made (p.s.: t'was prior of the ufficial release of the CD) and survived till today.

Another copy was lost during the army dayz, wile the CD was given to Manolis for a radio production prior to a gig and never found its way back... did i mention that it was for a gig some years later with a new lineup? Manos, Christos, me and Pavlos (synth) under the name Arrita Rimata (Unspoken words)... Without Giorgio unfortunatelly, of whom i still havn't had any news.

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