Thursday, 18 June 2009

Long Story

The big one got printed and -as usual- you can read all about it... here...

As you can se it's in part replica of the elementary greek school book (right-below).
When Alex Grigoropoulos got shot, and hell broke loose, I made the Karamanlis illustration that didn't make it, so i changed this one... wich unfortunatelly didn't make it to the press either.
Unfortunatelly i said??? Correction!!! THANK GOD it didn't make it... if you look closer you'll notice i have the heart bleeding on the wrong side...

Now about the elementary book, if you are interested you can find a whole lot of reprints, why? because it's copyright can be bought for pennies (4drachmas for each copy if i recall correctly) and each book depending the edition costs about 15 euros.
}; ) smart business eh?

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