Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Captain's log_Supplementary_ Entry 1b

05 AUG 2009
I finally cleared my mind about what should be done with "captain's logs 1 and supplementary", im gonna fetch -one illustration at the time, with comments and links and dates and stuff-
all the previously printed work and paraphernalia }: )

05 APR 2009
Illustration on an article of Takis Kampylis for Kathimerini on Antisemitism and rule of the Greek courts on the subject.
The big one on the left got chosen, on the vertical one you can clearly see Plevris in the uniform of EON youth.

Below: Follow up article of the Greek Helsinki Monitor on the days that followed.

other dates will be uploaded and will follow.

cheers }: P

More uploading, illustrations group b

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